Preventing premature ejaculation: Tips to last longer in bed

premature ejaculation

Can’t last over 5 minutes in bed? You are not alone. Early ejaculation (PE) is an issue that disturbs the sexuality activities of up to 36 million guys. It is a general fact that almost all men suffer in their lives. In fact, in the UK, about one in five men suffers from this embarrassing problem.

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What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation, also known as premature ejaculation. The uncontrolled discharge of semen from the male reproductive system before or after sexual penetration. It happens before the least sexual stimulation and the person wants it. Premature ejaculation can be different for different people. To be premature, ejaculation must occur during or within 2 minutes of being aroused during vaginal, anal, oral sex, masturbation. Or any type of intimate and physical contact.

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Premature ejaculation is one of the most common forms of male sexual dysfunction and affects every man in his life. We estimated that about 40% of men experience problems in bed for longer periods.

How is PE different from erectile dysfunction?

Too often, premature ejaculation is self-diagnosed as erectile dysfunction. The erection disappears after the last release of semen. It’s difficult to tell if the cause is erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE). We consider both to be the most common types of sexual dysfunction in men.

How common is premature ejaculation in men?

Premature ejaculation can destroy your confidence, but if you’re suffering from this frustrating condition. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. About 1 in 10 men experience it, and it is the number one sexual complaint among men under 50. In the most severe cases, ejaculation can occur almost immediately after an erection, while other patients experience unwanted erections. Orgasm before penetration or after intercourse begins.

Signs and symptoms of premature ejaculation

Common ways to detect premature ejaculation include:

  • Frequent premature ejaculation with little or no sexual stimulation and control
  • Ejaculation after 2 minutes of intimacy
  • Poor ejaculation control leads to decreased sexual pleasure
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, or depression

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation

This is based on typical symptoms. To understand your problem, your doctor will need to discuss your sexual history with you. Why it has to be candid and open? The more your doctor knows, the better he or she can help you. However, Your STD history doesn’t reveal a major mental or emotional factor that could cause premature ejaculation. Your doctor may want to examine your prostate or perform a neurological exam (examine your nervous system). To determine if there are physical problems that may cause premature ejaculation.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Whether its premature ejaculation or another cause, if you keep a positive attitude toward the condition. You have a better chance of overcoming its cause. There are many potential causes of premature ejaculation, one of which is the evolutionary theory that humans need to reproduce. Some believe that men become accustomed to rapid ejaculation because, in the past, it was essential for survival. Tens of thousands of years ago, men needed to ejaculate as quickly as possible. To get their partner pregnant before they stopped having sex. Today, however, society expects men should be able to maintain an erection, and premature ejaculation is a problem.

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The causes of ejaculation problems vary from person to person. Many psychological, biological, and lifestyle factors can make men more prone to premature ejaculation. Here, we analyze all the causes of premature ejaculation.

Psychological reasons

Some doctors believe certain patterns may cause premature ejaculation, including:

  • Situations where you rush to orgasm to avoid detection
  • Guilt increases your tendency to rush to have sex
  • Erectile dysfunction, men who rush to get or maintain an erection during intercourse may develop a rush to ejaculate.
  • Anxiety problems, especially about sexuality or related to other problems.
  • You had successful sexual intercourse with another person, but never had premature ejaculation. This can cause problems between you and your current partner.

Biological reasons

Some biological factors can cause premature ejaculation, including:

  • Unusual hormone standards
  • An abnormal level of intellect chemicals hailed neurotransmitters
  • Unusual reflex task of the ejaculation process
  • Particular thyroid issues
  • Inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra
  • Genetic traits
  • Nerve damage from surgery or trauma

Lifestyle factors

Alcohol: Excessive drinking can affect the ability to maintain an erection, which can lead to premature ejaculation. Some people use alcohol to gain confidence in bed, but if the intake exceeds the limit. It can affect sexual performance.

Drug use: Recreational drugs can increase the risk of sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the side effects of medications that many men use.

Tips To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Maintain a healthy attitude towards sex. If you feel anxious, guilty, or depressed about sex, consider seeking psychotherapy or sex therapy.

Remember that anyone can have sexual problems. If you experience premature ejaculation, try not to blame yourself or sense inadequate. Try to talk with your partner to avoid communication problems.

Myths and Facts About Premature Ejaculation

Despite being a common sexual concern among men, PD remains an under-detected and under-treated disease. Because many prejudices and myths surround it. So it becomes important to break down the misconceptions and reveal the facts about the condition. You’re the man who doesn’t last long enough between sheets. You should be well-informed before looking for a cure for premature ejaculation. Here are some persistent myths about premature ejaculation that need to be dispelled once and for all:

Myth 1: Over-sensitive penis is the main cause of PE

Fact: While genital sensitivity may increase the symptoms of premature ejaculation, it isn’t the real cause behind it. Progressive review of the condition has reported that PE is a varied therapeutic condition. Much created by several inter-associated issues like emotional problems, hormonal disorders, impairment of blood circulation and neurological diseases.

Myth 2: Premature ejaculation is a teenage problem

Fact: Premature ejaculation is most common in their 20s and teens. It can affect men of any age. According to the Sexual Counseling Association, premature ejaculation affects over 40 percent of men in their lives. Many older men experience ejaculation problems because of conditions such as diabetes, prostate problems, narrowed arteries, and certain neurological conditions.

Myth 3: The Stop-Start technique is the best way to delay ejaculation

Fact: Experts swear by the stop-start technique to overcome PE. But most people who encounter this problem will agree that it doesn’t work. Stopping between sessions often ends up killing the mood and rhythm of both parties. In most cases, women cannot orgasm if their partner uses the stop-start technique. So, much if this mode encourages block ejaculation, it will in no circumstance to correct your comprehensive sensual encounter. As an option, he may consider using a delay spray to prolong ejaculation.

Myth 4: Masturbation before sex can prolong the life

Fact: Masturbation is effective in treating PE, but the benefits are only short term. Many young men use continuous masturbation to orgasm as a behavioral technique to last longer between sheets. Indulging in masturbation before sex can make your condition worse. Most men lose interest in the actual action and have low libido. There are no clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of this behavioral technique, and results vary from person to person.

Five Natural Solutions to Help Delay Ejaculation

Who doesn’t want to spend the night in bed? Of course, the average sex lasts only 10 minutes. But climaxing too can ruin all the fun and may even land you in an embarrassing situation. There are plenty of ways to fight early ejaculation and last longer in bed. Here, we’ll discuss some tips that can help you spend a few extra minutes in bed. And make your sex life more enjoyable.

1. Stop thinking about it: Performance anxiety is one of the most common reasons behind an early orgasm. So don’t worry too much about being in bed longer. Relax and get things out of your mind. The more confident you get in bed, the more you will enjoy the behavior. And the better chance you have of it going on for longer. If you felt anxious in bed, stop and take a deep breath. Enjoy discuss your partner and turn your attention to the behavior.

2. Squeeze your penis: The most effective and used technique to last longer in bed. To squeeze the underside of your penis head as you approach orgasm. This reduces blood flow to the penis and reduces irritation. Using this technique, you can add 2-3 minutes to your performance.

3. Change position: Changing the position during sex can help to suppress the ejaculation response. The trick is to retract your penis and change positions as soon as you get excited and want to orgasm. Women in the top positions are great for reducing penis stimulation.

4. Use condoms: Using a condom is the perfect way to reduce the sensation you get during penetration. This is especially useful for men who orgasm as soon as they enter the vagina. You can find desensitizing condoms on the market that keep you in bed longer by numbing your penis.

5. Try premature ejaculation products: You can find a wide variety of early ejaculation products designed for men. Who wants to spend more time in bed? Suspension gels, ointments, sprayers, and wipes are pleasant-to-use commodities help you stay in bed longer by fighting early ejaculation. Here’s what you need to learn before using a delay spray.

Try these tips and make your sex life last longer than ever. You’ve spent a considerable amount of time in bed. It won’t hurt if it lasts longer than before.

Premature EjaculationErectile Dysfunction (ED)
Getting an ErectionNo difficulty in erectionYou struggle to achieve the erection you need for sex
Maintain an erectionErection of the penis until ejaculationThe penis becomes soft even before ejaculation or at the end of intercourse
EjaculationHappens earlier than people wantTry to ejaculate fast before the erection disappears or becomes soft
Who mostly experiences it?Similar conditions occur in men of different agesMore common in older men

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Last word

Men of all ages and men with extensive sexual experiences can suffer from early ejaculation. This is often a frustrating and embarrassing condition, but with proper care. You should be able to overcome this sexual barrier.

Men with immature ejaculation shouldn’t be upset to argue it with their physician, as we can solve it. Some early ejaculation pills may help, which can have taken or, as needed. Ointments or sprayers desensitize the penis can also use. Alternative remedies comprise certain skills spent during sex and psychotherapy.

For early ejaculation, it’s all about maintaining a positive mindset, and nothing gives you more confidence. There is a product that will give you the results you want. Just choose the option that best suits your needs.

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