Guy Is he by your side? Best to Learn What Makes Them Stay?


How can you understand why the guys are leaving? Why they never sense abandoned or rejected? Why do men leave, what makes them love it? Time and time again, women confused the disturbing behavior of men during a date. They are hot as a bonfire one day, and the next day as cool as the snowman. Many of my friends found me. Demand to learn why everything to go well during the first few weeks of the date. Just to get your guy to fall from the earth.

They own the same basic logic, things are going well. Why don’t you bother with the phone, send a text message or email? Those who bring sweetness and remove it after our hopes increase? Are these people cruel? Are you happy to leave us a hang? I have a friend who shows his guts in his scaly behavior. For your safety (for teary-eyed women, you left the heights and dry), let us call him Don.

Don admitted to doing a missing act for a girl he had dated for a month. it’s a good thing for us. What makes them happy is that we did a slow burn for four weeks, he said. But, Dons tone changed: he had just left the relationship for three years. Returned to the dating scene too early. I am not looking for any serious thing.

Guy Is he by your side? Best to Learn What Makes Them Stay?

Then, when we kissed, I realized that I was far beyond my mind. I scared, he confesses to me. Don showed the most annoying classic behavior of women: an endless excuse for not getting together. He did not get in touch with this poor girl. We can’t judge too hard (not only that men fall apart); instead, we should learn from Dons example. When I put pressure on him, why do men send a mixed signal. Don tells me I don’t understand other people. Glancing back, the facts I have made are not “mixed.”

I think you can say this. If you don’t take the message of someone who can pick up the phone. Turn on the computer, you may not love it. I can’t disagree with Don. The only real way to discern if a guy likes you is to see his behavior. These guys drove by goals; if you want something (or someone), no reason not to show you still alive.

Don’t make excuses for him. If you don’t call, email or send a text message, no mystery behind your actions. It just means that you are not only not interested. He may have a reason not to continue this relationship (such as Don’s case). This doesn’t detract from the fact that he is not willing to spend time with you.

Is he by your side? Best to Learn What Makes Them Stay?

Very simple! Guy Makes Them Stay

Men don’t touch their feelings unlike women and find it harder to express themselves than we do. A person sitting on a fence may have to the struggle to articulate the position he is standing. You may want it, but because of problems or issues, you are dealing. Not suitable to build a long-term relationship. Reaching out with someone who looks a good couple. But to step on the water, emailing or texting. He may not want to have seen as a ruthless bastard.

Guy Makes Them Stay

He not in the mood to tell you he is not ready to set up a relationship. The real issue, don’t keep your breath, dear. It makes you realize this will make you not as smart as a woman. This is his loss, not yours! You should continue to work hard to strengthen other aspects of your life, such as your career, friendship, and hobbies. The irony of having an ideal relationship is that when you not addicted to it, you will find it!

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Remember, being committed to your passion and expanding your social circle the best way to meet a man without trying. That is because living a balanced life tells others that you value yourself; manner of respect will make quality men out of molding. So, if Mr. unavailable criticizes you, please don’t accept it yourself. Just keep on the right track. Work the best for you will help you find someone who will not waste your time and energy!

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